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Photo Gallery -- Cool pics

Haiti -- Zabriko Haiti -- Zabriko The terrain between the road and Zabriko 42083439 The path to Zabriko 45004936 Vegetation on the way to Zabriko 45004933 Bananas along the path to Zabriko 45004934 Getting water from a spring in the Zabriko area The five or six year old boy getting this water was perched above the spring -- he was naked so I didn't take his picture. 45004937 The central plateau below Zabriko 45004935 Along the path to Zabriko 45004938 The terrain along the path to Zabriko 45004939 The hills of Zabriko 45004947 45004940 Looking over the Central Plateau along the path to the center of Zabriko 45004946 Climbing a mango tree 45004941 A mango snack along the way Faustin, MPP community activist in the Zabriko area; Mark Hare, MPP agronomist and Presbyterian missionary; and Pauleon, MPP engineer in charge of the Zabriko project. 45004942 A very skinny ox in the Zabriko area 45004945 Faustin's home, Zabriko, Haiti 42083435 Faustin's grainery on stilts, Zabriko, Haiti 42083436 Faustin's guests, Zabriko, Haiti Faustin, the MPP community activist and President of the Zabriko farmers' collective association, lent his house to this woman and her four children. She has recently been widowed and she is struggling. 42083434 Child victims of dirty water just off the path, Zabriko, Haiti These children, who appear to suffer from kwashikor among other things, stand outside their family hut, where their mother is dying from disease caused by dirty water. 42083437 The child victims of dirty water, Zabriko, Haiti 42083438 A valley in Zabriko 45004949 A valley in Zabriko 45004948 The central part of Zabriko 42083440 Zabriko public elementary school six hundred students, six teachers, six classroom -- not enough room for even 1/2 of the children who can't afford the Catholic school. 42231492 Zabriko students 42231491 More Zabriko students 42231493 Even more Zabriko students 42231494 Zabriko students at the public school 42231495 Zabriko students with the 4th grade teacher 42231496 Pauleon, the MPP engineer 45004944