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Drink Water for Life is a fund-raising campaign idea for individuals, schools, churches, service clubs, and other communities to use in raising money to fund water, sanitation and hygiene projects in poor communities in developing countries

This site includes information to help you learn about how community water and sanitation projects can make a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world. If you or your group is involved in funding or actually doing community water and sanitation projects, please register as a member and tell us about what you're doing. If you use the resources on this site or if you use a Drink Water for Life campaign to raise funds for projects, please register as a member and let us know about your campaign.

We do not accept donations for our work (other than donations to the Clean Water Fund at First Congregational UCC, 700 Marion Street NE, Salem OR 97301 for our clean water projects on the Central Plateau of Haiti). However, we urge you to identify a water and sanitation project that your group wants to fund and donate directly to the group implementing that project. This site provides you with information about reputable faith-based and secular organizations that implement projects throughout the world. Send your money to them!